How does it work?

We believe data speaks and we are keen listeners. In 1DES's lab, we begin by collecting and analyzing data. After that, we make a machine learning model and search for patterns. The connected automation automatically buys and sells based on the model's signals and the integrated risk management controls the funds and investments. More Details

Data Collection

1DES's servers consistently collect market data without interruption. Learn more about data collection.

Data Analysis

The process of cleaning data, filtering them, and feature engineering is crucial to the machine-learning approach.

Pattern Recognition

Discovering patterns in the data is 1DES' fundamental task, which is achieved by advanced machine learning techniques.

Build a Model

Model-making is the main link between science and business. Models include a built-in AI and finance strategy at 1DES.


The automation part will control buys, sells, take profit and stop losses based on the model's signals.

Risk Management

1DES protects your assets and funds with the most advanced machine learning techniques. To learn more, click here

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