We are believers

We put our trust in the potential power of machine learning to change the trading market. We have a team with expertise in machine learning, trading, and engineering. AI solutions are more focused on automating crypto trading and deploying deep learning models for everyone. 1DES uses machine learning to bring the power of trading to everyone. 1DES is a platform where everyone has the possibility of taking advantage of machine learning capabilities for financial trading.

Team Values and Mission

We are creating the next generation of scalable trading platforms for everyone by generating smart indicators and intelligent money management. A customizable platform for each trader allows them to create their own ML model and to run their automation system in an integrated way.

We are Just Getting started...

We welcome all passionate individuals to accompany us on this journey and make an impact. We respect proactive and young dynamic people who are not hesitant to dream big and have the technical proficiency in executing through.


Meet the 1DES Team






Senior Developer


Senior Developer


Chief Morale Officer


UI/UX Developer

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