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An innovative way to trade with machine learning techniques
1DES automated crypto trading based on ML has just been released.

How easy is it?

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Register free on 1DES, you'll receive a verification code on your email, by following the link your registration is done and, then you have access to your dashboard. Register Now

Connect Your Exchange

At this time, 1DES supports two exchanges (Binance & Kraken), which you can easily connect them. For higher security, you should activate the two-factor authentication on your account.

Select the Model

All the models are built-in advanced machine learning techniques, each one has different performance on markets. Select the one that follows your intention.

Run & Enjoy

Nothing more! Just activate the automation and grab a coffee, relax and enjoy your life and see the results. The automation is running and Analyzing the market every second.

Cybersecurity Guaranteed

At 1DES, our technicians have been prepared for any kind of cyber attacks. Our network security certified by one of the best network providers in the world. In the application layer, we used the latest methods and technology to deliver a safe and reliable platform to our users. All applications have passed full software tests successfully. More Details

Connected Exchange

1DES started with 2 popular exchanges, Binance and Kraken. Our engineers are working so hard to deliver more exchange connections very soon. In other hands, 1DES is already connected to BTC/EUR and BTC/USD markets and, we are so close to present other cryptocurrencies markets to our platform.

Machine learning

Machine learning formed by this idea that machine can learn from data, recognize patterns and execute with least human intervention. 1DES brings all these methods over trading strategies and by automating them we make a beneficial and friendly environment for all.


There is an enormous difference between 1DES automation trading and the other crypto bots and trading robots and that is "Watching". The automation at 1DES are designed to take care of the orders and that is possible if you have integrated models fitted on the right trading strategies which work dynamically based on machine learning.

Trading strategy

In finance, a trading strategy is a fixed plan designed to achieve a profitable return by going long or short in markets. But at 1DES by variety of different machine learning methods, we make these strategies dynamic and more profitable. Then the automation starts and places the long or short orders at the market.

Trade like a professional for free now

- No time limit
- No credit card needed
- No commissions
- Up to $1000 trade volume

How does it work?

We believe, data speaks and we are a good listener. At 1DES's lab, we start by collecting data and analyse them. Then, based on machine learning methods we make a model and find patterns. The connected automation starts to buy and sell automatically based on the model's signals while the integrated risk management controls the funds and investment. More Details

Data Collection

All the market data has been collecting without interruption on 1DES's servers with the latest technology.

Data Analysis

Cleaning data, filter them and features engineering data is one of the essential steps in the machine learning approach.

Pattern Recognition

Discovering patterns in the data is 1DES fundamental task which it has been playing by an advanced machine learning methods.

Build a Model

Creating models is the main connection between science and business industry. At 1DES, models include a built-in AI and finance strategy.


The automation part is going to control buys, sells, take profits and stop losses which placed by the model's signals.

Risk Management

At 1DES we take care of your assets and funds, and it happens by the most advanced machine learning techniques.

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