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What is 1DES? + _

1DES is an intelligent Market assistant in an innovative way to trade with machine learning techniques in any market.

Who can benefit from 1DES? + _

Honestly, any individual who is interested in using a cutting edge and top-level of trading solutions at the Market which powered by machine learning techniques.

How much does 1DES cost? + _

The good news is that 1DES offers you a pretty extensive free plan, so you can jump in and play around with ML Models to see which one suits you better then after that you can select the plan adjusted to your investment which still offers a agood range of services for free.

What payment options do you accept? + _

How can I see who is behind the 1DES Bots? + _

Transparency goes a long way in crypto, so please meet the team and our partners on About us.

How do you use 1DES? + _

1.Register free on 1DES and Verify your email address
2.Connect Your Exchange
3.Select the Model
4.Just active the automation and grab a coffee.

Why 1DES? + _

1DES automation also has the power of setting up stop loss and take profit targets for each order, in some exchanges when you make an audit you need to decide if you want to set a take profit OR a stop loss, you can not always set both that is pretty inconvenient However with 1DES that is something you can do.

Do I need to have an Exchange account? + _

In order to use a crypto trading automation, you will need to connect it to a crypto exchange account using something known as an API (Application Program Interface) basically the API gives Machine the ability to place trades at the exchange and monitors and take care of everything.

Which exchanges do you support? + _

what are the benefits and drawbacks of 1DES? + _

Beginners friendly so if you are new to the world of crypto, then this is a great place to start.
1DEs enables you to trade 24/7 and execute trades in your sleep.
help take the emotions out of trading
allows you to backtest the Ml models you want to choose
Simplify trading for anyone, while lots of platforms may look
complicated and expensive, 1DES trading automation easily can access and simultaneously carry out multiple trades across multiple
different exchanges you only need a laptop to be on your trading game

How do I can monitors automation? + _

Monitoring and evaluating your trades is an important aspect of 1DES. 1DES makes it easy to visualize the trades it makes, this will help you to trade.

1DES Mobile app + _

Right now 1DES does not have a mobile app, although our responsive amp valid (Accelerated Mobile Pages) website gives you the best access to your dashboard through the mobile.

What are trading Models? + _

A 1DES Model which passed the process of training, where the Machine learns to determine good values for all the weights and builds a model by examining many periods in many time frames and attempting to find a model that minimizes loss. So you can use the ML model to get predictions on new data for which you do not know the target, you can assign it to one or more trading pairs and tweak every setting precisely how you want it.

Can I register multiple times and get more? + _

What happens if I am not satisfied with the 1DES AI platform? + _

Where do trading Models run? + _

How do you guarantee that the Models on the 1Des aren’t used for scamming people? + _

Can I get profit by bringing Followers? + _

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